Bredesen Opset

Det er ikke tilfeldig at jeg kjøper varer fra Bredesen Opset

Kai Nesset had no doubt who he would go to when he embarked on his new construction project. He has purchased goods from Bredesen Opset for a number of years and is very pleased with the service they provide to their customers.

The builder Kai Nesset builds three detached houses in a row at Sagstua in Nord-Odal. He wanted a solution that gave him the most service and quality for his money. Then he knew who to contact.

– I had the drawing basis and an idea of ​​how the walls should be divided. But together with the professionals at Bredesen Opset, I got a proper plan and put the project alive, he says.

Nesset thus ordered completed exterior walls and roof chairs from Bredesen Opset and had it delivered to the construction site. Not only that, he also got very good service from the professionals.

– It was a very good collaboration. The goods were driven out together with a crane truck, and the staff helped to raise the walls. That’s great service!

Collaboration is alpha omega

When you are a builder, it is important that the collaboration with the supplier runs smoothly. That’s why Nesset has been buying roof chairs and other goods from the same company for a number of years.

– It is no coincidence that I buy goods from Bredesen Opset year after year. I think mainly about quality and service, and that is precisely what I get at a reasonable price with them, he says.

It is becoming more common to use prefabricated parts such as those produced by Bredesen Opset. With this solution you save a lot of time and get the house up quickly.

– We started construction in November and then it is very important that you get the house under the roof as quickly as possible. It was possible because of the package solution and service I was offered. I’m very pleased, Nesset concludes.

Det er ikke tilfeldig at jeg kjøper varer fra Bredesen Opset